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I've always been competitive... and I've always loved racing!  Fact is, I took my first football coaching job in order to pay for a racing engine!  I've been racing since I was a kid... so, actually... my first love is auto racing!  Most folks would find that hard to believe, but it's true!  I coached football all those years so I could do some racing every now and then. Now, with football on the shelf... It's time to go RACING!

Benny's right... the sport needs US!

I went to the Talledega race back in April... man, those folks sure are nice to the old coach.  I was talking to my  racing bud, Benny... and he said Jerry,  NASCAR needs a GLANVILLE TEAM to make the sport more exciting!  Just like the NFL was back in the day when you were there COACH!  It was more exciting!  I said, ya know... YOU ARE RIGHT!

Man, I got to get busy forming a NASCAR CUP TEAM... so,that's what I am doing... trying to put everything together to bring GEM RACING around for DAYTONA next FEBRUARY!

Give BENNY SIMS a call at 336-978-0773 or send him an email to bsims6@triad.rr.com

Either way... get with Benny and lets grow our brands together... and have a great time doing business!


Now the only way that GEM RACING can become a factor in the NASCAR CUP SERIES is to have the strength of committed marketing partners, or as I like to call them... our SPONSORS!  Come on board with our team and together... WE WILL CREATE SUCCESS ON and OFF the race tracks!


BENNY SIMS, Agent 106 South 2nd Ave. Mayodan, NC 27027 336-978-0773