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Welcome to GEM RACING... Glanville Entertainment / Marketing & RACING!

Hi, I'm Jerry Glanville... former NFL coach, former sports commentator and former racecar driver... and I want to welcome you to the home page of my RACING TEAM, GEM RACING #81!

GEM... Glanville Entertainment and Marketing is an exciting venue that affords your company / business the opportunity to entertain your customers, employees, associates while marketing your namebrand and logo to millions of consumers through motorsports racing!



The Coach, Jerry Glanville... owner GEM RACING



Corporate marketing partners are encouraged to join GEM RACING for the 2010 and 2011 racing seasons!  WE can show your company the advantages of reaching the consumer with your brand, product and service through a motorsports marketing game plan! Gem Racing will be your clients HOST for the full season of racing weekends all across the USA!

Let's put together a WINNING marketing strategy... with GEM RACING and your company... a strategy that will make your BRAND a champion! 

Together, we will entertain your customers, employees and associates while making your brand a national leader in your respective market! 

Contact BENNY SIMS, Agent of GEM RACING # 81 for more information regarding marketing partnership opportunities:

Benny Sims, Agent  GEM RACING

106 South 2nd Avenue, Mayodan, NC  27027

336-978-0773 mobile  336-548-1354 office

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